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Millidgeville North HS
  Millidgeville North High Alumni Dedicated to the men and women who attended and supported "THE MILL" from 1969 to 1992. It's over 40 years since it opened and to let those great memories fade away just wouldn't be right. So this is your page! A place to catch up on the old times with the old friends. Use it, enjoy it, don't forget it..... Catch up with us at Millidgeville North High Alumni at (a Corporate Sponsor) You'll need to join if this is your first visit. You will need this Registration Code mnhs7192

Also, don't forget MNHS Community at (formerly MSN Groups by Microsoft)
See Grad Finder.Com We're there!! See Classmates.Com We're there too!! (But they want money!!)
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Page maker : Dave Wells MNHS 1969-1972(73). Got stuff to add? Let me know
Mail Dave Hey! Check out Dave's Place That's me!!

Go for the good times......

So let it rock and let it roll
Let the Bible belt come and save my soul
Hold on to 16 as long as you can
Changes come around real soon
Make us women and men

Hello there alumnus of Millidgeville North High School. What a long strange trip it's been. How'd you find this page?? (I know, the picture is out of date, but so's my yearbook)

If you're looking for a page to call your High School home, this is it.
Here's a great place to connect: Millidgeville North Alumni at our Corporate Sponsor "" You'll need to join but that's easy to do. You'll need this Registration code mnhs7192

We're also at MNHS Community at (formerly MSN Groups) Then, you'll be able to link and chat 'til your hearts content.
When's your next Reunion??? This year, next year?? Sooner??? Later?? Have we lost the spirit? Interested in "The Mill eNewsletter" ? Got something to share? Let us know. Got an email address? Leave it at Dave's Place. We'll start a database and offer contacts if you're interested.

Remember SOMA (is Frank MacKay still around?), Boiler Putty, Copperhead (Fred Bailey, Adrian Thornton)? Did you lose your coat? How'd we survive that cafeteria food? How about the plays? The Long, the Short and the Tall??? Were there others? We sold pumpkins. We watched Wuthering Heights in the theatre. Carlos Santana wins 9 Grammys, the kids think Sanatana's a new band! Supernatural!!. Are we that old??

We knew a fellow named Gates, too bad it was Peter and not Bill. Oh well, we survived. Give us your mind and we'll give you the world. Didn't we create some Doctors and Lawyers, and Engineers and oddly enough even some normal people?? Right Janine, Dave, Toni, Rick, George, Janice, Neil, Candy, Linda, Pam, Margaret, Sheila, Eric, Gary, Rhonda, Glynnes, Peter, Mike, Holly, Joan, Sue Anne, Frank, Wendy, Elizabeth, Lloyd, Bill, Ben, Anne, Heather, Deborah, Deb, Liz.......
Hey I could go on and on, right Faye, Wayne, Donnie, Weyman, Marshall, Dan, Anna, Judy, Joanne, Jill, Ruth, Barb, Gail, Lindsey, Bob, Vivian, Sharon, Giselle, Debbie, Karen, Leslee, Noreen, Marion, Leslie, Stenner, Tony, Gerry, Roger, Dwayne, Denise, Jane, Ken, Brian, Daryl, Brien, Darrell, Yogi, Cathee, Jim...?? You've got to be out there somewhere.... Get in touch.

Look here, You'll Find Some Of The Graduates!!

The Mill in pictures, (ah! memories light the corners of my mind)

Peace and Love...May God bless and keep you.

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