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Welcome to Millidgeville North High School

Opened for classes in the Fall of 1969

Closed as a High School in the Summer of 1992.

And so goes the Baby Boom, and all that it brought to the world around us.


School from Boars Head Road

Yes, it sure has grown up around the area since those early days in '69.

The road to MNHS

Remember the drive up to the school?

There's MNHS and the parking lot

The driveway and parking lot in all its glory!

We're so close now

You're getting closer...

The Main Entrance awaits

The Main Entrance, Wow! Where'd those trees come from?

So close to the Main Entrance

Closer to the heart?

Isn't that C Building?

Looking to your right from the Main Entrance. Bringing back memories?

inside G Building

Let's go inside. Be careful, it's a little dark right now. This was somewhere in G Building.

From the parking lot late in the day

Back outside, almost done for today. The Sun's going down.

Here we are alone in that old Smokin' yard again

Ah yes, the smoking area. First in a room, then in a courtyard, and finally "get your butts outside!"

A virtual panorama

The panoramic view.

Time to go home. Time for one last look?

view from the Boars Head again


Our thanks to Bob Russell (Class of '73) for taking the time to take some memories for us.

Hope you enjoyed your visit, stop back again some time when you just need some time to pause and reflect.

A fly by of MNHS under construction (circa 1969)